2013 Ford F250 Base System

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2013 Ford F250 Base System

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I have a 2013 Ford F250 with the base system and I had a F01 harness with the Maestro RR. In the instructions there is the OBDII harness and connector but the F01 harness I have does not have this. What pin locations and connector does this need to connect to n the Maestro harness ? I'll just hard wire this connection since the appointment is for tomorrow.

There is a PINK/BROWN and a PINK/RED wire that is not detailed in the RR instructions. Do these go to CAN HI / CAN LO

Thank you
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Re: 2013 Ford F250 Base System

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If you dont have the OBD harness you can extend the twisted pair of red/brown yellow brown wires that have the small 2 pin plug coming off the 18 pin harness that would plug into the RR, and run these do the OBD2 pin 6(red/brown) and pin 14 (yellow/brown). these other two wires are not needed for your install. hope this helps!
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