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Solution Overview

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GM3 is a Radio Replacement firmware for current generation GM trucks. It is only available for data connected radios. For a list of radios visit for details. This solution also requires the GM3 installation harness.

Retained Features
Steering Wheel Controls (steering wheel backlighting retained)
Warning and Info Chime/Tones
OnStar Safety and Security
OnStar Hands Free Calling
OnStar WiFi Hot Spot
OnStar Turn by Turn Navigation
Vehicle Settings in Radio Screen
Parking Sensors
Blind Spot Detection
Reverse Camera
Climate Display on Radio Screen

Added Features
Assign Press and Hold SW Function
Analog outputs for Radio Connections
Performance Gauges
Vehicle Information (TPMS, Door, Check Engine)
Visual Parking Assist on Radio Screen

1. Drivers information cluster metadata not retained
2. Factory amplifier not retained (bypass or replacement is required)
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