Troubleshooting install for 2013 Outback BT Manual transmission

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Troubleshooting install for 2013 Outback BT Manual transmission

Post by Outback@@@444### » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:17 am

I have Maestro RR and SU1 harness, trying to install JVC KW V830 BT.

In addition to harness, got adapter for radio antenna and for Oem USB plug.

Radio 20 pin: all wires connected but “steering wheel control”
Harness-radio: all connected but pink Vss wire.

Spliced obd2 connections.

Trying to confirm functionality prior to running manual reverse wire to passenger kickplate

Issues: obd2 disconnected and faulty steering wheel control.

Radio works, control of speakers works (fade, eq, etc), communication to maestro works (have done multiple hard and soft resets of maestro unit, able to read firmware version, light on maestro green, etc.)

Radio Unit responds to SWC, but not with the proper function for button used, and some buttons appear to be received as multiple commands (volume up changes the radio station and appears to try to mute the radio (the radio doesn’t mute though)

Also, radio unit does not power on automatically when car starts, and it doesn’t power off when car switched off. (Each must be done manually)

What is the connection that provides the SWC control in this setup?

What are recommended troubleshooting steps?


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Re: Troubleshooting install for 2013 Outback BT Manual transmission

Post by Dara DeGrand » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:02 am

The data cable sends the steering wheel controls. On these vehicles, there are two types of resistance layouts for the steering wheel buttons, depending on the trim. It sounds like you might have gotten the wrong one.

I just looked up your flash, and based on your install type, you definitely got the wrong firmware. We have made some tweaks to the firmwares and trims on our website, so if you re-flash, it should give you the correct firmware and resolve these issues.
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