2019 F-450 B&O amplifier replacement , chime issues latency and volume .

8-Channel Interactive Signal Processor w/ Integrated iDatalink Maestro Module
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2019 F-450 B&O amplifier replacement , chime issues latency and volume .

Post by Bawshog » Fri Apr 05, 2019 8:46 pm

I recently installed the DSR1 in my 2019 F-450 Platinum with the FO2 harness recommended along with a JL XDv2600.6 , Morel components front and rear , and a JL 8w3 in the stock enclosure .Unit was updated before Install on both the weblike and RF sites . Firmware says DSR1 1.9.3 on Fosgate side and Maestro side says ADS-AR-DC-FO2-256 version 2.0 .

Sound quality and tune ability is fantastic . My main issues lie in the chimes with latency issue and overall volume adjustment .

I miss the first second or so of navigation guidance commands , the “sync” chime , I only hear the very last portion of the tone , and the same with the Siri sounds . My button press sounds are also different , not a click sound but more of a tone sound that’s cut off . My reverse chimes only play through the rear speakers , which is fine but they are barely audible turned all the way up using the chime adjustment method with audio “off” . There is also some latentcy from yellow to solid red distance chime as it switches . I have been able to make the chimes louder by changing the master volume trim to 0.0 and adjusting Imagemy amp gains up , but that inturn causes my volume adjustment to max out at 20-23 on the head unit dail and does nothing for the latency issues . You can tell the time feels “hot” at those settings . Just need a bit more chime volume adjustment it seems .

I have also noted , chimes that come from the cluster , IE : trailer info chimes , ect that used to be present are so short that they don’t occur due to the latentcy , IE: driving down the road and message occurs that a “trailer lamp is out “ the audio mutes that is playing , but you never hear the chime due to the latency issues . I worry that the same may be true for the collision avoidance warnings .

Love what the product has offered me sound quality wise , but a small part of me can’t stand that is disabled normal functionality on a 90k dollar truck .

Any help here ??? I’d love for it to just work right .

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Re: 2019 F-450 B&O amplifier replacement , chime issues latency and volume .

Post by Coffman » Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:57 pm

Was a solution ever found? I am having a similar issue with a 2017 Explorer.

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