2017 JGC Trailhawk - where do the chimes/alerts originate?

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2017 JGC Trailhawk - where do the chimes/alerts originate?

Post by hpc3 » Sun May 13, 2018 11:46 am


I'm finally getting around to installing my DSR1/Maestro into my 2017 GC Trailhawk (w/Alpine CH2) and am having issues with the chimes (and other DSP/gain/clipping issues that I'll call RF on this week). My question is where do the chimes and other alert signals come from (like the cruise/side warning system alerts, Siri, etc)? Do these originate in the body controller or the touchscreen head unit? I'm trying to determine what areas to work on to eliminate variables for diagnostics... current issues I have:

- quiet/nonexistent Siri volume
- loud popping then silence for a few seconds when going into reverse, forward gears
- parking sensors are silent, no beeps/chimes
- driver warning (side/front) inaudible

Here's a screen dump of my current levels/flash(es):


Let me know questions, I'm able to test if needed. I also have a newer 2018 headhunt I'm trying to incorporate as well for CarPlay. These issues seem consistent between both controllers/headunits.

TIA for any help/guidance.

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Re: 2017 JGC Trailhawk - where do the chimes/alerts originate?

Post by Dara DeGrand » Mon May 14, 2018 10:02 am

I believe the chimes/parking sensors/blind spot alerts were generated by the amplifier, but can be adjusted in the radio. The carplay audio comes from the deck.

If you have no chimes, it is likely that:
-They need to be adjusted through the deck (there is also an adjustment procedure listed in the install guide)
-You did not configure any rear speakers when you set up the outputs on the Perfect Tune app.

On the aCH2 harness, how are the colored 2-pin connectors set up? Are they all connected, color to color, or are some of them swapped around?
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