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2008 Sienna Steering Wheel controls intermittent

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:43 pm
by cberthold
Vehicle: 2008 Toyota Sienna w/ Steering Wheel buttons, no phone support, no jbl
Setup: T01, RR Version 2.5 (I think.. installed Dec 26th-ish), Pioneer AVH-2330NEX v8.26FW (latest)

Intermittently the steering wheel controls stop working. Sometimes the top button works and can switch to the info screen and back but the volume buttons are not working. When I watch the module it flashes green when I press the buttons but nothing is occurring on the AVH. Most of the time you can turn the car off and back on and it will begin working and sometimes you don't have to do anything at all. My theory is it is the little black cable that goes to the back of the radio. One of the pins looks like it is further out than the others. All of the T01 wiring harness wires have been properly meshed, twisted, and soldered with heat shrink wrapping. I've also pulled all of the connectors and ensured each one has snapped in. Given the green light that is flashing, I have to assume the connection to the vehicle is fine, and the serial connection is working in one direction from the radio but signaling is likely not occurring in the direction going to the radio. I'm not sure if that signal occurs over the little 4 pin cable or the 3.5mm cable.

Secondly, this is a side question to that issue. Should the OEM Aux jack work? This one isn't a big deal

Re: 2008 Sienna Steering Wheel controls intermittent

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:37 am
by Zack Flynn
The green flashing when you press the buttons on the steering wheel does in fact indicate that the RR is getting the resistive signal from the vehicle. At the same time, if there were no data communication between the radio and the RR on the data cable, you would get flashing red LED indicator, so it isn't likely the physical data connection between the radio and RR. If you provide the serial number for the RR module, or give us a call here in tech support we can check the flash on the RR side and make sure it went thru properly and validated after completing.

The factory AUX jack in your vehicle is wired into the secondary connector in the TO1 harness that has the RCAs labeled "AUX." You would need to connect those to an auxiliary input on the 2330 and then change the source to those inputs to get the audio in on that line.

Hope that helps

Re: 2008 Sienna Steering Wheel controls intermittent

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:25 am
by ernestloper
I am facing the same issue with a 2011 Ford Fusion using the Maestro RR v3.0 and a Pioneer AVH-2330NEX head unit, naturally using the F01 harness. They are communicating properly as the green light flashes whenever you hit the steering wheel controls and the vehicle information is flowing to the information screen in the car as well as receiving the gauges, TPMS, etc.

The steering wheel controls work fine for a few minutes and then just stop. It will also stop working if you switch away from the radio to Bluetooth audio, etc.

I've had the Maestro RR installed in this car with a different stereo for the past 4 months with no issues, I replaced the head unit because of its failures, so I know the RR is solid.

Re: 2008 Sienna Steering Wheel controls intermittent

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:08 pm
by ernestloper
Terribly sorry, I just figured out my problem. The Pioneer AVH-2330NEX has a hard wire remote connection and I had used that instead of the AUX.

I found a similar thread on your site that pointed to AUX, I went out and moved the plug, everything works great now. Have a Happy New Year!