No Sound issue

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No Sound issue

Post by RileyV13 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:03 pm

I have read where others have been experiencing the same problems I am with my iDataLink Maestro RR module and have tried some of the solutions. I have a Pioneer AVIC8100NEX head unit installed into my 2010 Highlander Hybrid with JBL amp and speakers. It was professionally installed and they were never able to determine the problem after several return trips.

Problem is no sound. I recently flashed it to the recent version (2.6) and all seemed to be well as each time I turned the car on and off, the sound would come on. However, since then, it has been sporadic on when it comes on and when it doesn't. In my half-hour commute home, it may not come on at all or it will come on after X minutes (X = various number). Last evening it sent audio only to the "car phone" speaker but turning off the car back on sent audio to all the speakers.

The 8100NEX has power and functions normally. With no sound, I try to access the module controls through the OEM Settings, the receiver doesn't allow me to configure anything. With sound, it sees the module just fine and all settings can be changed. The module was flashed with the amplifier.

Any suggestions? I am trying to determine where the problem actually is.

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Re: No Sound issue

Post by Zack Flynn » Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:03 pm

The most basic of things to check first would be to verify that you have a good connection on the remote turn on lead in the TO1 harness going to your blue/white wire coming from the Pioneer. It might be a good idea to reconnect that just to be safe, even if it appears good. Another thing to check would be in the maestro/diagnostics section of the settings menu, see if we detect the factory amplifier and if it is being turned on, whenever the audio is not heard.
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