2008 Tacoma w/ JBL - AVH-2300NEX - Preparing for Install - Few Questions

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2008 Tacoma w/ JBL - AVH-2300NEX - Preparing for Install - Few Questions

Post by TFo00 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:22 am


I try to get all my ducks in a row before undergoing an install like this, few quick questions....

I apologize in advance for the novice questions. I was once MECP Advanced certified but that was loooong before these programmable modules.

Truck has NO factory backup camera, sat radio, bluetooth, sat radio or AUX input

1) I'm installing a camera from CameraSource that requires 12v and Ground. I'd only like to power the camera while in reverse and I'd like the radio to auto switch when the vehicle is put in reverse. Does the Purple/White from T-01 provide 12v or 6v while in reverse? Will that wire suffice to power the camera and provide reverse signal to the deck or am I better off finding a different 12v power source for the camera?

2) I'm going to be running a video bypass (show vehicle :) ) I take it I forego the foot brake and e brake wires completely from the T-01 harness? Will this effect Apple Car Play or any other functionality?

3) NOTHING connected to W/R correct? Use Audio in for the cable from Maestro RR?

4) I've flashed the module and have the 2300NEX Firmware update loaded onto a flash drive. Anything else to consider?

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Re: 2008 Tacoma w/ JBL - AVH-2300NEX - Preparing for Install - Few Questions

Post by Dara DeGrand » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:03 am

1) Do NOT power your camera off of our Purple/White. You will damage the RR. It is only intended to be a low-current 12V output to switch the radio screen when you change gears.

2) You don't have to hook up our brake wires. The maestro generates the signals for your convenience. If you want to bypass, don't hook the maestro's brake wires up. As long as the radio gets the proper brake signal, all of its menus should continue to work.

3) Correct. NOTHING should plug into the W/R.

4) Nope...It sounds like you're good to go.
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