2017 RAM 1500 Pioneer 4200NEX SW buttons

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2017 RAM 1500 Pioneer 4200NEX SW buttons

Post by daveo12345 » Sun May 27, 2018 8:10 am

Hi, I have a 2017 Ram tradesman base model with uuconnect 3.0 and no SWC buttons on back. I had a Pioneer 4200NEX installed. Everything is working but i have a couple small issues.

#1 am i right in assuming uuconnect is gone as i removed the factory radio?
#2 I had an Axxess RF universal SWC installed which plugs into the 3.5 wired remote on the pioneer. When i flashed the Maestro RR, I did configure the Voice and phone buttons for functions. However they do not work at all, meaning when i push i get nothing, no changes on radio nor and voice prompts.

my question is do you think this is an installation issue? Could the installer have forgotten the connect the factory amp wire back and if so would this result in this situation. or is it more likely that its simply the pioneer detecting a 3.5 SWC and therefore ignoring Idatalink commands for SWC? I guess its kind of a small issue, but two buttons not doing anything is kinda annoying.

#3 I have the center console USM and Aux. I did not change the board with the idatalink board. Should the USB and Aux work with the Maestro installed? The USB is not for sure. Again i did not swap the board and i could not find out whether the Maestro RR by itself would preserve this functionality. Incidentally I did install a dual USB on the dash and connect it to the Piuoneer 4200NEX and both these ports work, just wasnt sure what to expect from the center console usb and if by chance the fact its not working is another reason to suspect the amp on wire not being connected?

#4 Transmission temp gauge - This gauge is not available for 2017 tradesman ram 1500. Bummer, at least it does not appear on my list of available gauges. Other threads seem to indicate Ram does not have this pid on the high speed can bus interface? Any work around?

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Re: 2017 RAM 1500 Pioneer 4200NEX SW buttons

Post by Dara DeGrand » Mon May 28, 2018 8:51 am

1) That is correct; uConnect is built into the radio, so it cannot be retained.
2) Do you have something plugged into the W/R of the radio? If so, remove it; we send steering wheel control commands through our 4-pin data cable.
3) Without the uRam, the USB definitely will not work. We are not able to retain the aux either.
4) We read the generic diagnostic HS can codes. If the code is not present, there is no way to make the data available. It is probably being sent on another data line, where we aren't able to pick it up.
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