Dodge Challenger RT 2012 Factory amp with aftermarket Kenwood

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Dodge Challenger RT 2012 Factory amp with aftermarket Kenwood

Post by quaddragon » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:33 am

I just recently upgraded to the Maestro RR. Despite a bug here or there, I think it's got to be the best product out there for adding aftermarket amps to your car stereo. Especially if you replace the deck with an aftermarket one. I recently upgraded to a Kenwood 692.
The stereo layout in my Dodge challenger is:

3 - 3.5s in the Dash - Two are Pioneer A series 4 ohm speakers - 1 is the factory Boston Acoustics 2 ohm speaker that was the center channel.

Originally the other 2 3.5s were the 2 ohm Boston Acoustics from the factory. I decided to replace 2 of them with the Pioneers but they are 4 ohm. However the installer decided to keep the factory amp which is hooked up to the Kenwood HU for a source. Since the installer kept the factory amp and it was configured for 2ohm speakers am I loosing volume from them because the factory amp was set up for speakers at 2 ohms? Does the Kenwood HU add any voltage to the factory amp or does the Maestro RR basically convert the Kenwood's High level input to a low level one before it brings it to the factory amp?

Should I eliminate the center speaker and skip the factory amp all together and just drive the front dash speakers with the Kenwood deck instead of the Factory amp? Which would give me the most clean Midbass?

I could also just get a component 6x9 for the doors and use the 3.5s as the tweeter part of the component speaker and drive it off the Kenwood amp that I have powering the current 6x9s up front and the 6 3/4 in the rear deck? Would that be an even better option?

All suggestions welcome.

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